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About Medicine Studies Abroad is website designed for applicants, who would like to study medicine abroad. There are plenty of faculties and universities around the Europe, where studying medicine, dentistry, veterinary or pharmacy is possible. Applicants usually spend hours looking for information such as application procedure, tuition fees, scholarship provided by university or if accommodation is granted by the school. With their struggle is over. There are 6 criterias, according to which you can filter the most suitable faculty or school of medicine in Europe.

  1. Field of study - one can choose here among 4 various study programs: Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary and Pharmacy.
  2. Length of study program - study programs might have different length. Lets take General medicine for instance. Usually program has 6 years, after which degree of Medicinae Universae Doctor and may start their career at hospital or clinics. In some countries, such as Poland, some universities offer also 4-years programs for those students, who already have Bachelor degree from related field and wish to continue and obtain Master degree. Similarly, students may choose between 5- and 6-years programs of Dental medicine.
  3. Language of studium - Almost every faculty or university provides education in minimum of 2 languages: official language of country (e.g. Slovak) and English language. Since English is nowadays accepted as international language and most of students start learning it from primary school, it is much easier for students to get used to studying in English. In some countries, for example Hungary, you can also study in German language.
  4. Locality - since student spends at least 4 years during studies of medicine abroad, locality matters a lot. There are countries in Europe, that are sunny for the most of the year, countries, which are located in the heart of Europe or countries with direct access to sea. There are almost all European countries listed on our website, so you can choose from plenty of options.
  5. Background of student - in general, there are 3 types of students, who wish to study medicine abroad. In first group, there are students, who have just graduated from secondary or high school and wish to continue their studies to University. In second group, there are students, who are already studying at faculty or school of medicine somewhere in the Europe, but from some reasons wish to transfer their studies to another university. Finally, there are students who dropped from their studies and seek for another chance. This is important criterium, because some universities accept students only to 1st grade, while some even to 4th or 5th grade.
  6. Accommodation - Does University provides accommodation to student? This might be important from various reasons. Firstly, private flats are usually more expensive than dormitories. Secondly, students usually must pay a rent at privates even during holidays in July and August. And finally, there are plenty of other international students living in dormitories - one can make friends really easy there.

Start your medical study in Europe is here to help you to find the best fit in Europe for medicine, dentistry, veterinary and pharmacy programs.

Admission to medical, dentistry, veterinary and pharmacy programs

Admission process may vary a lot among countries and schools, in general there are two approaches: either must students take an entrance examination or they must submit required documents and Board of faculty will choose the most qualified applicants. Schools issue acceptance letters for successful applicants who are usually required to pay tuition fees before enrollment to university. Popularity of medical program has increased exponentially over the last years. There are still more and more students wishing to study medicine, veterinary, dentistry or pharmacy abroad, even though tuition fees must be paid. Therefore applicants should pay big attention to their academic records, preparation for entrance examination and competitiveness for places at given faculty. Some faculties offers only 20 places for medical students, some 200 every year. You can find all of these information onsite.

4 reasons for studying medicine in Europe

Studying medical programs in Europe have plenty advantages. Lets see our overview of 4 biggest advantages of studying in Europe.

Tuition Fees are low – Studying medicine in the US or even in south Asian countries is without a doubt an expensive investment. Graduates must pay loans for many years and debts accompany them throughout their whole professional life. European medical schools are considerably cheaper, which is a crucial decision factor for students who do not have the means to pay tuition fees out of their pockets. Tuition fees in Europe are around 60-90,000 euros over six years.

Admission process is easy – Admission process for medical schools in Europe is much simpler than in USA for instance. Usually you need to pass entrance exams (biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy etc.) (in either written or oral form) and have a high school diploma. Although many do not pass, the process is greatly less tedious.

Studies takes 4 to 6 years – Studies usually last six to seven years in Europe (4-years for North American medical students). Great advantage is, that medical schools in Europe do not require undergraduate degrees, which adds another three to four years compared with the process in the U.S. Students may start studying medicine right after secondary school or high school. Studies of dentistry usually have 5 or 6 years duration, veterinary and pharmacy usualy 5 years in total.

Combining studies with travel – Europe is wonderful place for travelling. There are so many places, where students may go and broaden their horizons or to meet students from around the globe. You can study medicine in many historical places in Europe, such as Prague, Padova, Roma, Brno and Budapest. On the other hand, medical studies are very demanding and time intensive and it isn’t exactly like backpacking through Europe.

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Whetheryou wish to become doctor or dentist, you will find all relevant schools that provide education for international students in English or German.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: How can I look for the best fitting course?

There are 6 criterias to choose from: field of study, language of study, lenght of study, locality, where school is located, background of student and accommodation provided from University. Select those answers, that describe your situation the most and find the best option for you to study medicine, dentistry, pharmacy or veterinary.

Q: How can I display faculties of medicine from one country?

Click on side menu and choose from one of following study programs: Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary and Pharmacy. List of countries will be opened. Choose your desired destination - only schools of given study program are offered.

Q: Are the information on website updated?

We do our best to provide you with objective and up-to-date information. Source of our information are schools pages and students already studying at faculties or universities. If you find any mistake, please be so kind and contact us. Thank you!

Q: How can I contact you?

You can contact us either by email or telephone number. Consultations are not binding and free of charge.

Q: What services do you offer?

In general, we offer 4 different services:

  • Application procedure - if you want us to check out your documents, we are available. When all of your documents are ready, there is no point in paying thousands of dollars or euros to agency. Send your documents to us and will will confirm you, if there are ready to submit
  • Consultation - you may be deciding between 2 options. We can help you to find the best fit for your future career.
  • Personal assistance - do you need to help with visas, finding flat or visiting Foreign police. Nothing easier! Get in touch with us and we are ready to help you with one of the following.