Medical schools in Slovakia for international students

Schools of medicine in Slovakia are the best ones in central Europe. They attract a growing number not only from Slovakia, but also from all over the world, such as Poland, Israel, Italy, Spain, Germany or United Kingdom. Slovak Medical Universities are internationally recognised and accredited and rank very highly on the list of directories of international medical schools globally.

You may look for Slovak Medicine Schools in following directories:

  • IMED (International Medical Education Directory)
  • the Avicenna Directories
  • the WHO (World Health Organization)
  • the FAIMER (Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research)

Studying medicine in Slovakia do not also fulfil your dream of helping people and saving lives. It will also benefit you from the financial point of view, since average wages in a medical industry are far above average.

All programs are accredited by Ministry of Education of Slovak Republic and internationally recognised. Graduates does not need any extra examination if they wish to start working in any country of European Union.

Slovak University offers only six years programs of General Medicine and Dental Medicine.

Language of instructions: students may study in Slovak language (desired level of knowledge is C1 level) or in English language. Studying in Slovak language is free of charge. There are preparatory courses offered by language schools or Universities.

Admission process: Students must pass an entrance examination. Marks from secondary school are not important, but board of directors may enquire motivation of students to study either General medicine or Dentistry at given University.

Program of General medicine is offered at following universities in Slovakia:

  • Pavel Jozef Šafarik University – Faculty of Medicine: The Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice is the second oldest public university in Slovakia (after Commenius University). It was established in 1959 developing the tradition of the Universitas Cassoviensis founded in 1657. The mission of UPJŠ is to provide education and service to its students and the community by spreading knowledge based on the most recent scientific findings
    in international context, as well as to conduct high‐quality research. The University also supports activities contributing to the education and culture of the public and it helps students develop greater wisdom, creativity, tolerance, critical and independent thinking, self‐confidence and regional, as well as national awareness.
    At present, the University provides education to more than 8,700 students in 105 BA, 65 MA and 35 PhD programmes with lecturers who use the results of their own high‐quality scientific research, the most recent experimental technology, the latest ITC and innovative methods of education. Students can also use services of the University Library, the Centre for Information and Communication Technologies and the Botanical Garden. The University has more than 2,500 accommodation places and catering services near the city centre. The Institute of Physical Education and Sports offer education in the field of sports and recreation, training courses for students, physical education camps and hobby sports activities throughout the year.
  • Comenius University – the Faculty of Medicine in Bratislava and the Jessenius Faculty of medicine in Martin – The Comenius University in Bratislava is the oldest and the largest university in the Slovak
    Republic. It was founded in 1919, and it follows the tradition of the Academia Istropolitana, which
    was founded in Bratislava in 1465 by Matthias Corvinus, a Hungarian King. Since its foundation,
    it has occupied a forefront position in the national system of higher education and became an
    internationally recognised centre of science and research. The Comenius University has 13 faculties and more than 20 educational, scientific and other institutes and special facilities. Every year, around 28,000 students (out of them 21,000 full‐time students), including almost 1,800 international students from more than 80 countries from all over the world, study at the University. The University offers a broad spectrum of study
    The Comenius University in Bratislava is also an important scientific institution. It has a scientific
    capacity of more than 2,000 academic teachers and scientific workers.

Schools that offers program Dentistry for international students are following: