Medical Universities in the Czech Republic

Programs of General medicine and Dentistry in the Czech Republic has a long tradition. Thanks to the reputation of Universities, graduates perspectives and level of studies, studying in the Czech Republic is very popular also among , students from abroad thanks to favorable price of tuition fees. Students, who study in Czech language, do not need to pay tuition fees. At least C1 language level is required from applicant wishing to study in Czech language at the Charles University, the Masaryk University, the University of Ostrava and the Palacky University in Olomouc.

Most foreign medical students in the Czech Republic comes from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Israel, Malaysia, Nigeria and other countries.

In the Czech Republic it is possible to study medicine at eight faculties of four universities:

Program of Dental medicine in English may be studied at following Medical Universities:

Length of training varies according to the chosen field. General medicine program takes six years, followed by the attestation period in given field. The shortest time of attestation in practical medicine are three years, the longest include highly specialized departments such as neurosurgery and cardiac surgery and takes seven years.

Entrance exams
Admission requirements are: completed secondary or secondary vocational education, signed study application, payment of an application fee and passing an entrance examination. Entrance examinations vary by faculty, usually an applicant shall complete a written test in biology, chemistry and physics test generalities and then in the second round interview. Some faculties accept students without entrance examinations and accept e.g. SAT score.

It is possible to take also entrance examination abroad.

Czech medical Universities are listed in prestigious international directories, such as:

  • IMED (International Medical Education Directory)
  • the Avicenna Directories
  • the WHO (World Health Organization)
  • the FAIMER (Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research)


Univerzita Karlova, Praha

1. lékařská fakulta
Kateřinská 32, 121 08 Praha 1
tel. 02/96151111

2. lékařská fakulta
V Úvalu 84, 150 06 Praha 5-Motol
tel. 02/24435830-33

3. lékařská fakulta
Ruská 87, 100 00 Praha 10
tel. 02/67102111

Lékařská fakulta v Plzni
Husova 13, 306 05 Plzeň
tel. 019/7221214

Lékařská fakulta v Hradci Králové
Šimkova 870, 500 01 Hradec Králové
tel. 049/5816334

Lékařská fakulta Masarykovy univerzity, Brno
Komenského náměstí 2, 662 43 Brno
tel. 05/42126478

Lékařská fakulta Univerzity Palackého, Olomouc
tř. Svobody 8, 771 26 Olomouc
tel. 068/5633035