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Faculty of Medicine, University of Szegéd (General medicine)

General medicine:

Programme of general medicine has 12 semesters (6 study years) and is taught in English (but there is also possibility to take first two years of studying in German language). The first two years serve as the foundation of basic medical knowledge. From the third year theoretical training is extended with regular clinical practice, where students intensively take part in the work of the clinical departments and the teaching hospitals. In the last two semesters – the clerkship year – students perform clinical rotations of 40 weeks.
Graduates are awarded degree of Doctor of Medicine (Medical doctor, Dr. Med), which is internationally recognised in European Union and in most countries around the world. Graduates wishing to practice in USA must take USMLE exams.

Medical school, University of Pécs (General Medicine)

General medicine:

Programme of General medicine is taught in English and takes 6 years. Succesful graduates are awarded degree Medical Doctor (M.D.).

There are 10 semesters of pre-clinical studies and 2 semesters of Clinical rotations). Students are in direct contact with patient (bedside or operating theatre) which makes education much more practice oriented.
There are 3 modules at University of Pécs: Basic module, within which students become familiar with structure and functioning of the healthy body. After that, there is Preclinical module, where formation and features of the pathological processes are explained and students become acquinted with the basic patient examination skills. Clinical module is orientated toward the specific diseases and diagnostic and theoretical skills of students. Finally, clinical rotation is there in final, 6th year, where students carry out mostly medical activities under control of the teacher.
Tuition fee for General medicine is 15700 USD per academic year.

Faculty of Medicine, Semmelweis university (General medicine)

General medicine:

Graduates are awarded degree Doctor of medicine (doctor medicinae universae, abbreviation is Dr. med. Univ). Programme lasts for 12 semesters (6 years). During the first 2 years, students learn the basic theoretical subjects, though clinical aspects are also incorporated from the beginning of their studies. The third year is still mostly theoretical, while the fourth and fifth years focus primarily on clinical subjects. Students spend their sixth year directly by the bedside, on clinical rotation which takes 37 weeks. At the end of the programme, students must submit a written thesis and pass a final examination.
Faculty has both English and German program of General Medicine. Regarding English program, there are 1700 international students from 70 different countries (together medicine and dentistry). Programme has started in 1989 and is still getting more and more popular.

Pass-rate of Anatomy in first year of study is around 50%. Pass-rate combined (other subjects such as chemistry, physics considered) should be even less.
A lot of interesting information from current student of Semmelweis may by found here:

Study programmes:

Following study programs for international student are offered at Semmelweis University:
Medicine in English (6years)
Medicine in German (6 years)
Dentistry in German (5 years)
Dentistry in English (5 years)
Pharmacy in English (5 years)
Veterinary Medicine: 5½ years, in English and German
Physiotherapy (B.Sc.): 4 years, in English
Physiotherapy (M.Sc.): 1½ years, in English
Nursing (B.Sc.): 4 years, in English
Nursing (M.Sc.): 1½ years, in English
Midwifery (B.Sc.): 4 years, in English
Optometry (B.Sc.): 4 years, in English
Health Visitor (B.Sc.): 4 years, in English

Medical School, University of Debrecen (General medicine)

General medicine:

General medicine programme takes 6 years in total (10 semesters plus 2 semesters of internship). Programme is in English, but students need to obtain at least basic understanding of Hungarian language to be able to speak with Hungarian patients in hospitals during internship.
First two years focus on theoretical aspects of medicine (biophysics, medical chemistry, first aid an dreanimation, medical phychology, Hungarian language, Anatomy, Histology, Embriology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Physiology, Neurobiology). In 3rd year, there are theoretical foundation of diseases, basics of internal medicine, as well as surgery taught. Forth and fifth years of general medicine programme are stressed on training in pharmacology and clinical subjects (e.g. Cardiology, Preventive medicine, Radiology, Surgery, Obstetrics and gynecology, Traumatology, Stomatology, Clinical genetics, neurology, Pediatrics and others). Finally, in 6th year of study, students take final examination in internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, neurology, phychiatry and pediatrics.
Students who pass all examinations and defend a thesis obtain internationally recognised degree M. D. (Medical Doctor)
Tuition fee for one year of study is 16 900USD, paid in one installment or in two installments (in that case total fee is 17900USD).