Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Pavia (General Medicine)


University of Pavia is one of the oldest universities not only in Europe, but also in whole world – it was established in 1361 and has more than 650 years. Some of the most prominent professors teaching at University are: Allesandro Volta, Girolamo Cardano, Antonia Scarpa, Camillo Golgi (Nobel price from Medicine in 1906).
University has long tradition of international students and teacher exchanges. There are also many international cooperations with universities all over the world: Middle East, the Mediterranean area, USA, China, Japan or most of European countries. According to Shangai comparison, university is among 301-400th best universities in the world.


International students have classes at Faculty of Medicine and Surgery.
Students have practicals in one of the following hospitals: Foundation of C. Mondino, Clinical Institute of E. Morelli, Institute of Santa Margerita, DEA hospital of San Matteo for emergency medicine.

Recognition in EU and rest of countries :

Degree from University of Pavia is internationally recognised in European Union.


Pavia (Italy) is well-known student city situated around 40 km from Milan, in the Italian region of Lombardy. It is situated on the river Ticino, near its confluence with the river Po.
Pavia is the capital of the eponymous provinicie where agriculture plays an important role, especially the production of wine, rice, cereals and dairy products. The city founded the famous university in the 1361.

Accomodation for students:

University offers accommodation for student at Collegio. Claim for dormitory might be made through Edisu offices. Places are given to students according to date of their application, so it is not that probable, that fresher will get place automatically. Other options are hostels, hotels or shared flat with your schoolmates.

Study programmes
General medicine:

Program of General Medicine has 6-years organised into 12 semesters and is entirely in English.

Number of students accepted each year:

In 2015/2016 the number of available places in Pavia for English-course of Medicine and Surgery is 60 places for EU citizens (without residency in Italy) and 40 places for Non-EU candidates.

Tuition fees:

There are two parts of tuition fees: fixed costs and variable costs. Variable costs depend on economical status of student and his or her family. There are following criterias taken into consideration: Country of residence, Gross annual income of family, square meters of owned property, number of people living in that property. You can calculate cost of studying here: https://testlibra.unipv.it/EXEF/ Do not forget to choose appropriate course (Medicina e Chirurgia Lauree Specialiste). Variable part of tuition fees are around 500-4200€ per year.
Fixed tuition fees is around 500€.
There is also option to register as independent student – you must prove, that you live at least 2 years independently plus you earn at least 8000€ a year.

Living costs:

Structure of living costs in Pavia is following: 250€ a monthly rent in shared appartment, 50€ for bills, 150-200€ for food plus expenses for leisure time. Montly living costs cary between 500-600€.

Admission criterias
Admission criterias:

Applicants must pass IMAT examination. Test has 60 questions, while every question has 5 different options with one correct answer only: 2 questions are from general culture, 20 of logical reasoning, 18 biology, 12 chemistry; 8 of physics and m mathematics.
Test is done online and in 20+ locations around the world. Test takes 100 minutes. For every correct answer, there is 1,5 points, while for false question there is -0,4 points.
In case that student scores the best results, he or she must go to Italy and submit the requested documents. There is 1:10 chance, that student will be admitted to Pavia (based on number of applications).

Transfers of students

Transfers of students are possible to students from other universities only in case, that there are places at university left. Firstly, there are places to students offered, who passed so called IMAT tests. If there are still free places, then student with highest ECTS credits from their examinations will be admitted. It is also important to compare how many credits are there awarded for the same subjects in former university and Pavia. If there is big disproportion, student must probably take the same exam again in Pavia.
Deadline for application for transfers is usually in July.