Faculty of Medicine, Medical University of Gdansk (General Medicine)


University of Gdansk is the largest public university in Northern Poland with more than 6000 students. There are around 838 teaching staff and research staff working at University. University was founded on 8th of October 1945.
There are 4 faculties within University: Faculty of medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health Sciences and Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology. Medical university in Gdansk is on 10th position among Polish universities from 2015 comparison. International students consitutes 15% of all students of MUG.
The MUG cooperates with more than 50 universities and scientific centers around the world, i.e. conducts the exchange of students and faculty in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme and is an active member of European organizations – ScanBalt and Baltic Sea Region University Network.


Program of General medicine is offered at Faculty of Medicine.

Recognition in EU and rest of countries :

Degree from University of Gdansk is internationally recognised within European Union. Graduates who wish to work in USA must take USMLE.


Gdansk is a port city located by the Baltic sea and one of the oldest cities in Poland. Gdansk looks really beautiful and there are plenty of museum or cultural places there, however it was almost completely destroyed during the 2nd world war. Gdańsk’s best known historic sites are located within the Główne Miasto (Main Town) district. Local shipyards are place where anticommunist movement led by Mr. Lech Walesa were founded.

Scholarships offered:

According to an agreement with the US Department of Education, the Medical University of Gdańsk participates in the Title IV, HEA Program. U.S. citizens may to apply for Federally Guaranteed Stafford loans under the Title IV code. The Financial Aid Office, provides information and assistance regarding the eligibility and application for financial aid. The Financial Aid Officer helps U.S. citizens meet their financial obligations to the University with the aid of loans.

Accomodation for students:

Yes, University offers accomodation for students at Student hostels located at Student Campus. Price for accommodation is around 1000 PLN per month. The dormitories are situated on campus, very close to the classroom buildings. The campus consists of 4 dormitories with space for 1000 students, the student club “Medyk”, a grocery shop and a photocopy shop. There is also a canteen, which offers meals at student-friendly prices. All the dormitories are connected to the Internet.

Study programmes
General medicine:

Program of General medicine has 6 years and is completely taught in English. Tuition fee for one studying year is 42000PLN. The extended curriculum is based on strict European and US standards. After having graduated from the Faculty of Medicine students receive a diploma of physician (M.D.) and subsequently they can apply for a license to practice medicine in their country. There are almost 800 international students from all over the world: Sweden, Great Britain, Norway, Germany, Saudi Arabia or Spain.
The curriculum of the first 3 years of studies comprises theoretical medical sciences, introduction to clinical sciences in the form of first aid and nursing module, introduction to medicine, paediatrics, internal diseases, epidemiology, history of medicine, history of philosophy, medical sociology, medical ethics, medical psychology, computer sciences with biostatistics and foreign languages. From the IV year of studies the course includes basic clinical sciences. Studies also offer a selection of elective courses. Course completion requirements for particular years of study include also completion of summer student’s internship in nursing, internal diplomas and the title of a M.D. During the VI year of the M.D. programme, students have an obligatory practise at the hospital.

Study programmes:

Following study programs in English are offered at University of Gdansk:
1. General Medicine (M.D. program)
2. 3-years Nursing program (Bachelor)
3. 3-years DIETETICS PROGRAMME (Bachelor)

Tuition fees:

Cost of studies for program of General Medicine (M.D. program) is 43 000 PLN per year

Total costs of stay for one studying year:

Cost for an entrance examination is 1000 PLN.

Admission criterias
Admission criterias:

Students need to take an entrance examination – from biology and chemistry. There are topics for entrance examination that can be found on University´s website. After successful passing entrance examination there is interview performed with applicant. Admission Committee make a selection of candidates on the basis of their final scores from entrance exam, scores from High School Diploma in biology and chemistry and optional score from additional oral examination.

Entrance examination

Students must take an entrance examination from Biology and Chemistry. Topics may be found here: http://admission.mug.edu.pl/10723.html

Documents needed for an entrance examination:

Candidates interested in studiyng for 6-year General Medicine programme should:
1. register on-line in electronic candidate’s database on University page
2. fill on-line application form for 6-year General medicine program
3. submit following documents by mail that differs according to applicant cizizenship