Faculty of medicine, Medical University of Silesia (General medicine)


Medical University of Silesia has 5 schools: School of Medicine with Division of Dentistry in Zabrzde, School of Health Care, School of Public Health and School of Pharmacy with Division of medical analytics. It was founded on 20th of March 1948, first intake of students began in October 1948, in year 1950 there were 1121 students and in 1955 astonishing 2610 students.
Since establishment of University, there were ore than 26000 graduates of General medicine or Dentistry program.


Faculty of medicine is situated in Katowice and has currently 1617 students (from which 404 are foreigners).

Recognition in EU and rest of countries :

Degree from Medical University of Silesia is recognised in European union and in most countries of the world.


Medical University of Silesia is located in Katowice, Poland. For the last several years Katowice has been one of the leader cities of the European integration. To acknowledge this credit the Council of Europe awarded the city with the Honour Flag of the Council of Europe (1998), the Council of Europe Plaque (2000) and the Europe Award (2008). Katowice has applied also for the title of the European Youth Capital 2015 and the UNESCO Creative City of Culture in 2015+.

Scholarships offered:

University of Silesia is approved for U.S. Federal Financial Aid. There is special office (Financial Aid Office) that is located in the Dean office and manage applications for financial aid from USA. There are following services and programs offered for U.S. students – U.S. Federal Direct Loans and Private Education Loans.
Students from Canada may ask for Canada Student Loan Program. Application is made through students provincial ministry of education OR they can obtain private educational loans.

Accomodation for students:

Yes, University offers accommodation to students. University offers accommodation to students in dormitories. Prices for accommodation are between 740 and 1000 PLN.

Study programmes
General medicine:

English programs of General Medicine covers requirements stated by both European standards and it was additionally adjusted to comply with US medical educational requirements.
There are following 6-years program taught at Medical University of Silesia: 6-years American MD program, 6-years Advanced MD programs, 6-years European MD program.
1. 6-years American MD program: Curiculum http://smk.sum.edu.pl/images/Curriculum_2015-2016_-_American_program.pdf
2. 6-years Advanced MD program – http://smk.sum.edu.pl/images/Curriculum_2015-2016_-_American_program_Advanced.pdf
3. 6-years European MD program – http://smk.sum.edu.pl/images/Curriculum_2015-2016_European_program.pdf

Tuition fees:

Fee for one studying year is 5000€ (1st to 4th study year), in 5th and 6th study year it is 270€ per one week of clinical training in Poland plus summer clerkship in Poland costs 1080€ for 4 weeks. In addition, students need to pay fee for every exam they take: fee ranges from 39 to 52 USD.
In case of north american students, they pay 500 USD registration fee and 10950 USD for one semester plus 562 USD per week of clinical science.

Entrance examination
Documents needed for an entrance examination:

1. completed application form
2. original or notarized copy of high school diploma
3. original copy of high school transcripts
4. copy of passport or ID
5. 3 recently taken passport photos
6. copy of birth certificate
7. health certificate stating that there are no mental or physical ilnesses making
application to University impossible
8. receipt proving registration fee payment of 70 PLN
9. certificate proving English proficiency level