Faculty of Medicine, University of Latvia (Dental Medicine)


The University of Latvia is located in Riga and has more than 15,000 students. There are 13 faculties and more than 20 research institutes within this University. It is the largest comprehensive and leading research universities in the Baltic States. The University offers more than 130 state-accredited academic and professional study programmes. At University of Latvia, research is conducted in over 50 research fields which represent four main areas of inquiry: the humanities, sciences, social sciences, and education sciences. The University of Latvia pays great attention to the development of international collaboration. At present the University of Latvia has signed more than 500 agreements with 326 institutions in 31 European countries within ERASMUS programme.
University of Latvia is one of few universities in region, that were listed in QS World University Ranking – in 2014/2015 it took place 701-800. That makes university to be in TOP 5% universities worldwide.


Faculty of medicine at University of Latvia was established on 28th September 1919, but was later abolished from Soviet union forces. The Faculty was re-established in 1997.
The Faculty employs 195 members of academical staff.
Popularity of Faculty is growing continually, for example in 2008/2009 year, there were around 850 international students enrolled at university. There are both programs of General and dental medicine taugth at Faculty.

Recognition in EU and rest of countries :

Degree of Faculty of Medicine of UL is recognised in European union and in most countries of the world.


University of Latvia is located in Riga, capital of Latvia. Riga is more than 800 years old and with a blend of a medieval centre and a modern city. Riga is also a venue for cultural events in an international perspective – which is shown by the fact that it was the cultural epicentre of Europe in 2014 when Riga was awarded degree European Capital of Culture.

Scholarships offered:

There are no scholarships offered for programmes in English at University of Latvia.

Accomodation for students:

University does provide accommodation for its students in dormitories – Prima Hostel (price starting from 100€ in triple room) and Reznas student hostel (double room for 100€). Only rents with at least 3 months of duration are possible.
Second option is to find private appartment within Riga, where various rental companies may help (typical fee for service is one-month rent).

Study programmes
Dental medicine:

Programme of dental medicine has duration of 5 years and is fully conducted in English.
Students who pass all required examinations and final exam, are awarded Doctor of Dental medicine (DDM), which is internationally recognised in European union.
The programme has several parts. It includes study courses in biomedicine that is an important area for general medicine, general dentistry, and for clinical dentistry. Knowledge and understanding of a human body, its developmental processes, structure, functions, pathologies, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases is envisaged to be acquired in a modular form.
Competence of oral and dental aspects will ensure the wouldbe dentists’ skills to set diagnosis, to determine the causes of the illness, to prevent and treat the diseases and disorders, to determine the affects of the systemic diseases on the dental tissues. The curriculum envisages a clinical part that plays a significant role in acquisition of a dentist profession. A preclinical part is planned to take place in a phantom operatory/ clinic, while a clinical training foresees treatment of patients and is supervised by a clinical instructor.
Tuition fee for programme of Dental medicine is 12500€ per study year.
There is also preparatory course for dentistry offered at price 1500€.

Study programmes:

There are following programs offered for international student at University of Latvia – General medicine and Dental medicine. Both programs are internationally recognised.

Number of students accepted each year:

There are around 200 international students each year.

Tuition fees:

Tuition fee for programme of Dental medicine is 12500€ per study year.

Living costs:

Riga is capital of Latvia, which means, that living costs are higher in comparison with other countries. Structure of monthly living costs may be following: 250€ for rent, 200€ for food, 100€ for utilities and services, 30€ for entertainment plus unexpected costs of 100€. Conservative estimation is 730€ per month.

Total costs of stay for one studying year:

Living costs and tuition fees for one year costs 19800€.

Admission criterias
Admission criterias:

Admission of student is based on :
1. General secondary education diploma,
2. English language proficiency – applicant must file some English certificate, such as TOEFL iBT (at least 80), IELTS (with score of at least 5,5), CPE (satisfactory pass), CAE (satisfactory pass), FCE (at least level B), PTE (at least level B2), CEFR (level B2). In case that applicant does not have any of these certificate, he/she must take language test for additional payment of 97,50€.
3. Positive grades in Biology, Chemistry and Physics or Natural Sciences (student must obtain at least 60% from these subjects in order to be considered for admission).
4. Confirmation that tuition fee was paid. Application form costs 100€.

Entrance examination

There is no entrance examination fee – on the other hand, students must fulfil admission criterias (General Secondary Education diploma, English Language Test, Positivie grades in Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Natural sciences.

Documents needed for an entrance examination:

Documents are accepted either in English language or Latvian language.
1. Transcripts of records from secondary school
2. School leaving certificate
3. English certificate