First Faculty of medicine, Charles University (Dentistry program)


Charles university is the oldest and most prestigious university in Czech Republic. University is well-known around the world, since it is founded by a charter issued on 7th of April 1348 by Charles IV. When establishing University, model of Bolognas and Paris universities was followed. In the beginning, it had 4 faculties: theological, liberal arts, law and medicine. Charles university has been always a center of Czech intelligence and also center against supressing forces in Czech society. Students from Charles university lead demonstration against totalitarian regime, which ceased to exist in 1989. Nowadays, Charles university is place with modern unviersity life, involved in plenty of international cooperations and is playing an important role in a broad specrtum of European and global programmes.
There are 17 faculties, 3 university institutes, 6 other units and 5 service facilities at University. In total, there are 8074 employees of University – 4653 people form academic and research staff and 3421 is other staff.
University is ranked in TOP 2% of the approximatelly 18,000 institutions of higher institutions in the world. According to QS ranking, Charles was 279th best university in the world and according to Academic Ranking of World universities, it was among 201-300 best universities in the world.


First Faculty of Medicine is part of Charles University (there are 5 faculties of medicine within Charles university – 3 of them are in Prague, 1 in Pilsen and 1 in Hradec Králové). It is one of the first four founding faculties of the Charles University. There is almost complete spectre of medicine and health professions covered during studies: Faculty prepares future medical doctors, scientists and health professionals in a modern and a friendly fashion.

Recognition in EU and rest of countries :

Degree from First faculty of Medicine in Prague is fully recognized in European Union countries and in most countries for at least limited registration. Criterias in other than European countries may vary, therefore it recommended to ask governmental bodies about details. The First Faculty of Medicine is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools published by WHO, in Directory of Postsecondary Institutions published by US Department of Education.


Prague is the capital of Czech Republic and one of the most beautiful cities of Europe.

Scholarships offered:

The First Faculty of Medicine is taking part in programmes under Higher Educational Acts of 1965 and the Federal Student Financial Assistance Programs in the USA (Title IV, HEA programs). Furthermore, First Faculty participates in the Federal Family Education Loan Stafford Program. (OPE ID Number G33004).

Study programmes
Dental medicine:

Dental medicine is 5-years undergraduate study programme. Tuition fees are 360 000 CZK for one year of General medicine.

Number of students accepted each year:

There are 20 students accepted for Dental medicine programme. Students must study really hard in first years of their studies, otherwise their studies may be terminated.

Tuition fees:

Tuition fees are 360 000 CZK for one year of General medicine.

Admission criterias
Admission criterias:

Students must submit all documents needed (please check section Documents needed for entrance examination) and pass an entrance examination. There are specific criterias for applicants, who are taking A-levels final exams.

Entrance examination

Entrance examination is taking place in Prague and in other places (according to contracts with partners). Entrance examination contains from following subjects: written and oral examination taken in Englishfrom standard college biology, chemistry and physics or math and an interview (if applicant passed an entrance examination). Candidate must score at least 190 points from 240.
Calculators and periodic tables are not allowed.

Documents needed for an entrance examination:

1. notarized and translated copy of high school diploma (by Czech notary and in Czech language)
2. Electronilly filled application form
3. US students must submit college degree
4. Applicants with A-levels must pass at least 3 advanced (A) levels subjects in the same academic year. There are following subjects needed: Biology and Chemistry + one another A level subject. Biology and chemistry must have grade C or better.

Documents needed for an enrollment:

Confirmation in Faculty database about attendance at enrolment
A Signed Contract with the Dean of our Faculty
A notarized and translated copy of high school diploma (by Czech notary and to the Czech language)
A Long-term Visa, if applicable
Paid tuition fee (it has to be on faculty account at the day of enrollment)

Transfers of students

Transfers are possible in general – but only exams who have been marked with mark Excellent (A) or Very good (B), will be rercognised. Every student has to take an entrance examination and apply for 1st year of study. After recognition process, student may ask for being accepted to 3rd year maximally. Deadline for transfers usually ends at the beginning of May.
There is no guarantee, that student will be placed in higher study year.
All compulsory subjects need to be completed (Czech language and Physical education included) if student wants to be enrolled in higher study year.
Recognition of completed studies is not possible during the academic year, only in the second half of September.
If student decides to transfer his/her previous studies, there are following rules to be followed. According to Dean´s Provision no. 13/2015, only exams with mark Excellent (A) and Very good (B) can be recognized. Application form for recognition on each subject must be submitted together with transcript of records from previous study and university study report (index) from previous school. Finally, applicant must attach syllabus from previous study confirmed by previous school.
Vice-dean of Faculty wil decide, which subjects will be recognised.