Humanitas University, Milan (General Medicine)


Humanitas Univesity is private university that exists from 2014 and has capacity of 1000 students. There is a special agreement with Benedictine College in Atchison (USA) within which university provides pre-med education for Medicine and Surgery program. Students admitted to this program have also chance to take USMLE step 1 and step 2, that makes graduates eligible for working in USA.

Recognition in EU and rest of countries :

Degree from Humanitas University is internationally recognised in Europe.


Humanitas University is located in Milan, Italy. Milan is the capital of the Lombardy region, and the most populous metropolitan area. Milan is one of Italy’s most fashionable cities but it also holds several historic and artistic attractions, including the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, The Last Supper painting, and the famous La Scala Opera House.

Study programmes
General medicine:

General medicine is 6-years study program that is completely taught in English.

Number of students accepted each year:

There are 130 places for international students of General medicine (within which 10 places are for non-EU citizens). There are 60 ECTS credits included for Vocational training. University provides updated teaching methods for its students: roblem Based Learning, Case Method, Problem Solving, Concept Maps and Portfolios are used in order to make learinig more effective.
60 places are offered in Nursing school and 20 places are offered for Physiotherapy school (italian courses).

Tuition fees:

Tution fees for program of General medicine are calculated according to specific table, which introduced special fees for students from EU and non-EU students. Tution fees for European students are calculated according to economic situation of students and starts from 10000€ to 16000€. non-eu students pay 16000€ per one studying year automatically.

Living costs:

Milan is one of the most expensive cities in the Europe, but students should be OK with at least 500€ per month.

Admission criterias
Admission criterias:

For EU applicants: they need to take entrance examination in form of 60 multiple choice questions within 100 minutes from following topics: logical reasoning, biology, chemistry, physics, math and general culture.
For non-EU citizens, there is Medical Admission test that takes place worldwide.

Transfers of students

Transfers to Humanitas University are possible, deadline for submitting documents is 15th of July of respective year.
Students must be enrolled to another university and do not need to make an entrance examination. There are varios number of study places available for various study years.
Which documents you would need fow a transfer?
Curriculum vitae
certificate from current university stating year of marticulation, exams taken and classes attended
Transcipts of records and curriculum
Selected applicants will make an interview with Comitee of Faculty, which will also decide, who will be accepted.