MBS College, Heraclion (Pharmacy)


MBS College situated in Crete, Greece, offers program of Pharmacy in English in cooperation with Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University, Prague. Teaching is conducted in Heraclion Campus.

Recognition in EU and rest of countries :

Diploma is issued by Charles University, one of the oldest and most prestigious University in Europe. That means, that diploma is fully recognised in European Union. State European Bodies accredit the programme, which fully complies with the demands of the European Directive 85/432/EEC concerning University studies in Pharmacy in EU.


Heraclion Crete in Greece – Heraklion is the 5th in size city of Greece. Near the city’s area there are settlements from the Neolithic Period. Even though there are just a few findings to prove it, it is believed that the city was the port of the ancient city of Knossos. During the last 20 years the city has made remarkable progress in the academic and technological fields. Population of Heraklion is nowadays around 200 000 people and its one of the most frequent destination for tourists.

Accomodation for students:

MBS college does not provide accommodation to students. On the other hand, it helps students to find rent (35-70€ per week according to level of flat).

Study programmes

program of Pharmacy is offered by the same professors who teach at Charles university, with the same course structure and study materials. Diploma awarded is directly from Charles University. Cost of study program is 9000€ per academic year. Program runs from 2015 and was accredited from the Accreditation Comission of the Czech Republic in 2015. Program includes 6 months practice in community or hospital pharmacy. The Degree is granted upon successful completion of all courses comprising of the fundamental fields of Pharmacy, such as Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Technology, Community Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Care and Dissertation submission.

Tuition fees:

Cost of academic program is 9000€ per study year.

Living costs:

Average cost for flat are 35-70€ per week, electricity bill is 15-25€ per week, food and beverage around 30-40€ per week.

Admission criterias
Admission criterias:

There is need to submit required documents and sit an entrance examination from biology, chemistry and botany (100 questions in total). It is Faculty of Pharmacy, who decides who will be admitted.

Entrance examination

Following documents need to be submitted by student:
1. High school leaving certificate (copies that were verified by a solicitor, barrister or notary)
2. English certificate (TOEFL with at least 50 points, IELTS with at least 5, or equivalent)