Medical University in Split (General Medicine)


University of Split was established in 1974 and contains 13 faculties, one academy of art and 4 University departments. In total, there are around 24 000 students enrolled to study programs at University. It is located in Split and is member of European University Association.


University of Split School of Medicine (USSM) is the most prominent faculty of the University in Split – a young and vibrant university on the Croatian Adriatic coast, with increasing visibility in the global research and academic community. USSM boasts excellence in teaching and research, culture of innovation and interdisciplinary approach, as well as extensive partnerships with the world’s best universities, including formal partnerships with the University of Ottawa in Canada and Medical College of Wisconsin in the USA.

Recognition in EU and rest of countries :

Faculty of Medicine of University of Split is recognised by Foundation for advacement of international medical education and research (FAIMER) and is registered within International Medical Educational Directory.
University of Split is also also enlisted within WHO directory.
Program´s curriculum is governed by the Bologna process, which makes achieved diploma fully comparable within European union.


Split is very popular touristic destination – it has beautifuly beaches, historical monuments and harbor. In addition to that, there is an international airport and direct connection with other big Croation cities (Zagreb), which makes transfers much more effective.
Diokletianus palace is listed on UNESCO Historical monuments list. City has around 178 000 citizens.

Scholarships offered:

Generally speaking, University does not provide scholarships to students. On the other hand, students might be eligible to apply for loan from governmental bodies. Canadian students may ask for financial support from the Government of Canada (OSAP).

Accomodation for students:

University does not provide accommodation to students. They need to find their own flat, on the other hand there are plenty of options to find own rent in price of around 200€ per month.

Study programmes
General medicine:

Program of General medicine is offered at University of Split and takes 6 years in total and contains 5500 hours of teaching. Class is limited to 50 students. Degree of medical doctor is awarded to students after graduation. Students need to take 250 hours of elective courses (20 ECTS credits) and 640 hours of clinical rotations with sum of 45 ECTS credits (890 hours). Four more courses are verticalised. Program of General medicine is offered from study year 2011/2012. Graduates have an option to write USMLE exams (for USA) and MCC (for Canada) medical licencing exams.

Study programmes:

There is only program of General medicine offered for international students.

Tuition fees:

Tuition fee is 9000€ per academic year and must be paid in 7 days after receiving Letter of acceptance.

Entrance examination
Documents needed for an entrance examination:

All documents must be officially translated and it is strongly recommended to use the service of translator located directly in Croatia (due to price)

Transfers of students

Yes, transfers to University of Split are possible, but there are only limited places for students, who would like to transfer. Number is dependant on number of students who drop from higher study years.
Request for recognition of subjects from previous study year must be submitted to head of students departmnet office. In order to be enrolled to 4th year, there is need to have completed examination from Croation language.
Following documents need to be submitted to Faculty in order to get recognition of completed courses: original diploma or certified copy of diploma, certified translation of diploma to Croation language, Copies of final grade reports of each high school years, proof of citizenship, non-refundable fee of 27€