Medical university of Pleven, Bulgaria (General medicine)


Medical University of Pleven was founded in 1974 and is one of the 5 medical institutions of higher education in Bulgaria. University has 4 faculties – the Faculty of Medicine (covering medicine, rehabilitation and occupation theory), the Faculty of Public Health (covering health care), Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Health Care
There are more than 2000 enrolled students at University and around 300 of them are foreigners. One can meet them nationals from all over the world: India, Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova, Greece, Turkey, Nigeria, Albania, Cyprus, Congo, Syria, Algeria, USA, Japan, Great Britain and France. University consists of 24 departments. There are more than 60 professors and 300 assistant professors working.


Program of General medicine is taught at Faculty of medicine and is completely in English.
Students have access to Institutions library, which was established in 1974 and have more than 74000 books in English and Bulgarian language „on stock“.

Recognition in EU and rest of countries :

Degree from Medical University in Pleven is internationally recognised. University is listed on FAIMER list.


Pleven is the seventh bigest city in Bulgaria and located in northern part of the coutry. Pleven is center of Pleven province. More than 96% of inhabitants are Bulgarian citizens with total number of citizens overcoming 100 000.
Places definitely worth for visiting are: St George the Conqueror Chapel Mausoleum, Pleven Panorama, The Pleven Regional Historical Museum, Svetlin Rusev Donative Exhibition or The Ivan Radoev Dramatic Theatre which is the centre of theatrical life in Pleven.
City of Pleven is about 160 km from Sofia and the bus ride from Sofia to Pleven takes 2hours and 30 mins. Pleven is nice choice for students, since it has plenty of cinema, clubs, bars, takeaways, 3 malls, many shopping places, casinos, hotels, pool places or bowling.

Scholarships offered:

There are no scholarships offered for international students. On the other hand, students may apply for loan, which is provided on faviourable conditions.

Accomodation for students:

University provides option to book a bed at dormitories for reasonable price since it owns two students hostels with over 400 beds. The hostel rooms are double- and triple- bed rooms, centrally heated, each having a bathroom. Students are not required to live in hostels and may go into private accommodation if they wish. Meals are provided at the students’ canteen at a discount.
Second option is to find a private accommodation with schoolmates, which will reduce living cost.

Study programmes
General medicine:

General medicine is taught in English and is full-time course for undergraduate students. Programme started in 1997 and was designed for international students.
Structure of studies is following: 2 years are deciated to preclinical studies, 3 years for clinical studies and one year to state clinical practise (internship). There is also course of Bulgarian language for three first years of studying – reason is simple. Students should be able to communicate with patients during visits in hospitals. Tuition fee for programme General medicine is 7 000€.
Graduates are awarded with a Masters degree Diploma – Doctor of Medicine (MD), which is fully recognised abroad. There are thousands of graduates, who are working globally nowadays.
There are 2 intakes for General medicine: September and February.

Students are working together in small groups, that takes 8-10 students. Students are involved in modern teaching methods such as theoretical lectures, small group practical tutorials and seminars.

Study programmes:

Students may study following study programs at Medical University in Pleven: General medicine, Nursing and Midwifery.
In case that applicant does not speak English on sufficient level, he/she can take preparatory course in English that takes one year.

Tuition fees:

Tuition fee for programme General Medicine is 7000€ per one studying year. Tuition fee is payable in 2 equal parts at the beginning of each semester.

Living costs:

Minimum living cost for one month is calculated at level of 300€.
More realistic estimation of living cost could be calculated in following way: 150-200€ for food, 50-70€ for hostel, 150-300€ per month for private accommodation, student travel card 8€.

Total costs of stay for one studying year:

Total costs for one year of studying at Medical University of Pleven are around 10500€.

Admission criterias
Admission criterias:

There is an entrance examination – applicants will submit necessary documents and submit them to university. University will consider all documents from students and then decide, which applicants will be given conditional acceptance letter. Afterwards the registration fee must be paid within 10 days. Applicant must submit legalized documents (educational documents from secondary school) and will be invited for the entrance examination from biology and chemitry. Applicants who scores more than 50% are accepted and receive unconditional acceptance letter.
In next step, successful applicant must sent documents back to university and will receive Accomodation letter.

Entrance examination

There is an entrance examination required for perspective students of Medical University in Pleven. Applicants must submit documents and pass an entrance examination from biology and chemistry. There are different documents required to be submitted from students from European union and different from students from other countries than European union.

Documents needed for an entrance examination:

a) Citizens of member countries of European Union
Application form
A scan copy of Secondary school leaving certificate + subject transcript with marks in Biology and Chemistry
A scan copy of national passport or ID
There are also the same conditions applicable for Bulgarian citizens.
b) Non-citizens of European Union
Application form with brief CV
A secondary school leaving certificate with statement of marks, where biology and chemistry are included. Students must score at least 62% of what is maximum in given country. Certificate must be legalised at Bulgarian embassy in given country. If there are any problems, certificate might be also submited in English language (in this case, the University will charge fee for an authorised translation)
Medical confirmation certificate – certificate must be validated in same way
Certificate stating that applicant is eligible to continue his/her studies into a higher education institute in his/her own country
TOEFL iBT 60 or IELTS 6.0 or Cambridge First Certificate as documents stating English proficiency. Document need to be verified in the same way
Six recently taken photos (passport size)
Copy of international passport of candidate
Letter of financial support (sponzorship letter)

Deadline for submitting documents for an entrance examination:

When applying for February intake, students must apply by November.
When applying for September intake, students must apply by August.

Transfers of students

Transfers are possible, but only for limited number of applicants. Transfers are not possible before June 2017.
Recognition is only possible, when it was acquired in foreign higher school from specialty of medicine (master degree).
Applicants for transfer must complete at least one semester at university abroad. Subjects must be recognised even before enrollment into study programme.
Following documents need to be submitted:
a) personal document – secondary school leaving document stating, that applicant achieved the average mark from Biology and Chemistry equal or higher than 62% of the possible maximum in the country. The certificate should be translated into Bulgarian language and legalized at the Bulgarian Embassy in the respective country.
b) original or notarized copy of study records from previous study,
c) curriculum and syllabi including detailed description of the topics by the disciplines ,
d) application fee of 200 BGN.
e) A medical certificate stating good applicants mental and physical state
f) Four recently-taken colour photos /passport size/
g) Copy of the international passport of the applicant
h) Letter of financial support, signed by one of the applicant’s parents or any other relative, or issued by their representative bank
i) A transcript of records, issued by the faculty they have studied abroad,
Application for transfer will be considered by the Expert Committe which check submitted documents and decides wheather or not University will recognised subjects finished abroad. Students applying for transfer will not be put higher than in 5th semester. There is no guarantee, that application will be submitted by University. There is option, that there will be granted possibility to make additional examination, that place applicant to higher semester.

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