Faculty of Medicine, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University (General Medicine)


Pavol Jozef Šafárik University was established in 1959 and currently has more than 7500 students at Bachelor´s, Master´s, Doctor´s and PhD´s level. It is the second oldest univetsity in Slovakia and provides education in both Slovak and English language. University cooperates with higher education institutions from all over the world and provide good perspectives for their applicants.


The Faculty of Medicine in Kosice is older than the University itself, because it was founded in 1948, 11 years before establishment of the University. Since 1992, there are English study programs offered to international students: General Medicine and Dental Medicine. Faculty runs under European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), which is a standard for comparison of study attainment and performance of students in higher education in whole European union and other collaborative countries. Faculty of Medicine in Košice is one of 3 medical faculties in Slovakia. Mobility of international students is growing each year and currently they form 1/3 of all students.

Recognition in EU and rest of countries :

Degree from Košice is internationally recognised in European Union and in the most countries of the world.


Faculty of medicine is located in Košice, second biggest city in Slovakia. Košice is situated to Hungary and Ukraine, as well as to wonderful nature, for example High Tatras or Slovak paradise, which are only few hours away. There is international airport in Košice, which became base for Turkish airlines recently.

Scholarships offered:

Students may apply for 3 types of scholarships: social-welfare scholarship, motivational scholarship and fellowship for third level of study (PhD. fellowship). Social-welfare scholarship is intended for students, who has pernament residence in Slovakia. Motivational scholarship is for those students, who represent Faculty or University exemplarily.
It may have following forms:
The field of study scholarship – awarded for no more than 50% of students taking studying results from previous year into consideration,
Merit scholarship- awarded for no more than 10% of students except for third level students for an excellent fulfillment of their duties,
Annual award of the Rector
A special scholarship.
Finally, PhD. fellowship is awarded to students at third level of higher studying and posseses around 650€ a month.

Accomodation for students:

University offers accomodation for international students in two dormitories: Medicka Students Dormitory, which is very close to Faculty of medicine or Popradska Dormitories, which is about 10 minutes by bus from Faculty. There are students from around 40 countries in Slovakia, which means that one can enjoy international level of cooperation and make long-time friendships.

Study programmes
General medicine:

General medicine programme is offered for international students in Košice. There is tuition fee of 10.500€ for one academic year. Graduates are awarded with degree of MUDr. (Medicinae Universae Doctor).

Number of students accepted each year:

There are around 120 students of general medicine and 25 students of dental medicine accepted each year in Košice. Number of students in Košice is over 900.

Tuition fees:

There is a tuition of 10.500€ related to study programme of General medicine for international students.

Living costs:

Living costs are considerably lower than in Bratislava and comparable to Martin (2 cities, where also another medical faculties are located). One should count with 350€ a month (which is around 3500€ for a year) – this sum includes food, accomodation and public transportation. Great news is, that University offer books for international students at University library. For refundable deposit of 500€ they get access to all coursebooks and documents, that are neccessary for documents.

Total costs of stay for one studying year:

Total cost for one year of study is 14.000€ for General medicine.

Admission criterias
Admission criterias:

There is a need to pass an entrance examination. There are 100 questions from biology and 100 questions from chemistry at entrance examination. One need to score at least 70% to be considered as applicant. It is advised to get in contact with an agency or university to get an overview of questions, that will are the most probably at entrance examination.
After passing an entrance examination, student must submit required documents, especially verified school leaving certificate.

Entrance examination

There is multiple choice test written from biology and chemistry taking place twice a year – usually in June and August. Databank with questions can be bought from University or from our agency. Fee for an entrance examination is 40€ and is non-refundable. There is 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete test.

Documents needed for an entrance examination:

There are following documents, that must be submitted before an entrance examination:
Signed application form – Application might be filled in on website e-prihlaska.upjs.sk (do not forget to switch to English language). Not all pages (for example grades from secondary school) need to be filled in. After completing application, it must be printed out, signed and submitted.
Medical confirmation of physical and mental ability to study – This confirmation must be maximally 3 months old and contain information in English or Slovak, that there are no obstacles, that would be problematic for studium of applicant at Pavol Jozef Šafarik University
Copy of passport or ID card
Confirmation of entrance examination fee payment
School leaving certificate – document does not need to be validated until the date of entrance examination.

Documents needed for an enrollment:

School leaving certificate – certificate needs to be authorised by appostile (if issuing country is part of Hague convention) and notary authorised by Slovak sworn translator. Verification by notary and sworn must be done in Slovakia. If issuing country does not issue an Apostille, document need to be superlagalised (this includes stamps from Ministry of education, Ministry of foreign affairs of given country and finally by the Embassy of the Slovak Republic.
Recognition of secondary education from abroad – student must ask Ministry of education to issue official statement, that achieved level of education is equivalent to Slovak demands. This is quite a complicated procedure, where assistance is usually needed.

Transfers of students

Transfers of students is possible for international students. Every applicant must take an entrance examination in June or August, which take place in Kosice. After student is enrolled, he or she must submit completed courses and list of records to Study Department for consideration. Syllabus of course must be in Slovak, Czech or English language. Prodean for studies is responsible for decision if course is or is not recognised and to which study your student will be enrolled.
There is also no guarancy, that student must be enrolled to higher studying year, because it is up to decision of prorector for studying.