Poznan University of Medical Sciences (General Medicine)


The Poznan University of Medical Sciences is one of the largest medical universities in Poland. It has over 95 years of sound academic experience. Nowadays, University is partnering with various scientific and research institutions and 6 clinical hospitals. There were over 8000 students enrolled in 2013/2014 from which 1000 were international students. Over 1000 teaching and research staff provide classes in both Polish and English. University consists of Medical Faculty I, Medical Faculty II, Faculty of Pharmacy, and Faculty of Health Sciences, all of which are affiliated with the five programs at the Center for Medical Education in English.

Recognition in EU and rest of countries :

Degree from Medical University Poznan is internationally recognised in European union.

Scholarships offered:

US Citizens or US Permanent Residents enrolled in Poznan University are eligible to apply for a Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan which is a Private Credit Based Loan. Student can apply for the entire Cost of Attendance of their program which is approximately $38,500.
Deserving students can apply for U.S. Scholarships after their first year of study.

Accomodation for students:

University provides accomodation for students in following dormitories: Hipokrates, Eskulap, Aspirynka, Medyk, Karolek – prices vary between 330 and 510 PLN.

Study programmes
General medicine:

Program of General medicine is completely taught in English and consists of two parts.
Part I takes up the three preclinical years and is devoted primarily to the following subjects: Anatomy, Medical Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Histology and Embryology, Physiology. During that time the clinical aspects of these subjects are gradually introduced as well.
Part II starts in the fourth year and takes up the remaining three years of the course: two years of clinical knowledge and training and one year dedicated to elective clinical practice. Upon completing all of the theoretical and clinical subjects and after passing all of the required examinations, students are awarded the degree of Medical Doctor — M.D. 6years course of general medicine – cost is 55600 PLN for 2016/2017 for one studying year.

Study programmes:

Students enrolled at PUMS may choose from the following fields of study in English:
4-year M.D. program (since 1993)
6-year M.D. program (since 1995)
5-year D.D.S. program (since 2001)
6-year Pharm. D. program (since 2004 as a 5-year program, in 2009 replaced by a 6-year program)
3-year B.Sc. in Physiotherapy program (since 2009)

Tuition fees:

6years course of general medicine – cost is 55600 PLN for 2016/2017 for one studying year.

Admission criterias
Admission criterias:

Students wishing to study at PUMS must have completed secondary education, which must be relevant and comparable with level needed for education at PUMS. That means high level of knowledge in the following fields: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, and high proficiency in English language.
Applicant should have satisfactory grades in biology, chemistry and physics or mathematics (min. 2 subjects, incl. biology) from previous education (secondary school, college or university).
After submitting required documents for admission, applicants take an entrance examination in biology, chemistry and physics and interview with board of University.

Upon receipt of your application and all required materials(*), the Admissions Committee will review your file and make the decision whether or not to schedule an interview. The interview is mandatory. Interviews are currently held at Mercy College in New York, and at PUMS in Poznan. Interviews are held 4 times per year, and only at the above locations. There are no telephone interviews.

Following the interview, the student will be notified of the school’s decision at latest within two weeks. Upon acceptance, the student must make a 3000.00 PLN deposit (approx. $1000 US) in order to reserve their seat in the coming class. If the deposit is not received within 2 weeks after acceptance, the student will lose their seat in the coming class. Seats are filled on a rolling basis, qualified students will continue to be interviewed but may be added to a waiting list.

Entrance examination
Documents needed for an entrance examination:

1. Completed application form
2. Secondary school transcipt and/or transcripts for other attended education programmes included biology, chemistry or physics
3. Passport copy
4. any other document, that can positively influence decision of board to accept you


The following documents and items are required for every applicant to be sent to the New York Office:

Completed Online Application click here
Non-refundable interview fee of $250 payable by US check or money order. (Canadian checks must have US Co-Bank listed on check.)
Official Transcripts received directly from your University, High School, or Secondary School.
Two Letters of Recommendation from Science Faculty for the 4 Year MD Program. All other programs 1 letter from Science Faculty and 1 letter from any other teacher or counselor.
Copy of Passport
Poznan University Health Certificate (Completed by your Physician)
3 Passport size photos (Please print your name on the back)
Standarized test scores ( MCAT, ACT, SAT, or DAT)
Immunization or Vaccination Record including Hepatitis B
Diploma ( Original diploma or copy certified by Notary Public) If your degree has not yet been completed you may send your diploma once it is received.

Documents needed for an enrollment:

Transcripts of all attended education programmes
High school-leaving examination certificate or diploma of completed secondary school
A recommendation letter from a science faculty member, guidance principal or teacher in scientific area
Proof of English proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS certificates are accepted)
Health certificate completed by physician
A recent passport photo
Copy of passport bio page
 Optional: standardized test results for ACT, SAT, DAT, or upper-secondary school credentials, e.g. A/AS-levels, Highers, etc.
Applicants with IB diploma (International Baccalaureate) are required to choose the advanced level of IB examination in ‘English’, and of two of the following IB examinations: ‘Biology’, ‘Physics’ or ‘Chemistry’.

Documents to be submitted until the start of studies:
Copy of vaccination records, incl. Hepatitis B,
Proof of health insurance valid in Poland (EHIC for EU citizens),
Copy of a student visa or other document confirming that the stay in Poland is legal,
Certificate of equivalence of secondary school diploma, issued by Chief Education Officer of the Wielkopolska province in Poland – to be submitted by the end of the first semester of studies (unless recognition is automatic, based on international agreements).

Transfers of students

Transfers to University are possible and there are various requirements for students who would like to be transfered to higher study year.