School of Medicine, University of Zagreb (General Medicine)


University of Zagreb is the oldest university in Croatia. It has 29 faculties, three art academies and the Croatian Studies Centre. 20 000 students attend Bachelor, 18000 Master level and 8000 Postgraduate level of education. According to Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities, University of Zagreb is listed among TOP 500 universities worldwide.
Furthermore there are two private universities: the Catholic University of Croatia and the Libertas International University. For those of you, who prefer to go to museums, following are the best ones: The Archaeological Museum, Modern Gallery, Croatian Natural History Museum , Technical Museum, Museum of the City of Zagreb, The Museum of Contemporary Art and others.
There are also many concerts of renowned singers and music groups taking place each year in Zagreb.


The University of Zagreb School of Medicine (UZSM/ZSM) is the oldest, well-respected and largest institution offering medical studies in the Republic of Croatia. The School of Medicine exists from January 1917 and classes were started by Drago Perović upcoming year and also first institutes were established: establishment of the institutes: Department of Anatomy, Morphology‐Biological Institute, Medical‐Chemical Institute, Institute of Physiological, Pathological‐Anatomical Institute, Department of General Experimental Pathology and Pharmacology and Public Health Institute.

Recognition in EU and rest of countries :

Program of General medicine complies with Bologna process requirements, which means that diploma is recognised in European union. Students are awarded degree MD (Medical Doctor) after the graduate.
A six‐year course of study is completed with the graduation (final) exam, which consists of a written exam and the public defense of the thesis that a student composes under the guidance of a mentor.


Zagreb is the capital of Croatia. It is located in the northwest of the country, along the Sava river. Number of people living in Zagreb is around 800 000, but with metropolitan area included, there are 1250 000 people living there (whole Croatia has around 4 millions inhabitants). There is oldest operating university in Zagreb – University of Zagreb, existing from 1669.

Scholarships offered:

There is competition of Dr. Maria Veljaca Foundation, a nonprofit nongovernment organization based in the United States of America, for a scholarship of medical students and medical research. Scholarship Amount is US $1,000.

Study programmes
General medicine:

Program of General medicine has 6 years and is completely taught in English. Program is comprised of 360 ECTS credits or in other words, 5,500 hours of theoretical and practical university teaching. Course of general medicine is full-time and open for applicants from all over the world.
From 2002/03, courses organized in blocks were also implemented in preclinical subjects.

Study programmes:

University provides undergraduate and graduate education in program General medicine for international students and bachelor level of nursing.

Number of students accepted each year:

There are 50 students accepted each year to medical program of general medicine.

Tuition fees:

Tuition fee is 9000€ per academic year if paid at once. If tuition fee is paid in two installments, tuition fee is 9200€.

Admission criterias
Admission criterias:

Applicant must submit following documents and comply with given criterias:
1. Applicant must submit secondary school diploma comprising all the grades and the final exam, together with the specific evaluation of grades in Biology, Chemistry and Physics).
2. students who do not have English proficiency certificate, are required to take an internationally recognized English language proficiency test

Entrance examination

There is entrance examination written directly in Zagreb at the beginning of July. Only exemptions from taking entrance examination are students, who took MCAT with minimum number of points 9 or earned BA / Bsc degree.

Documents needed for an entrance examination:

1. Secondary school leaving diploma – certified and translated to Croatian
2. Completed application form
3. Certificates of higher courses or degrees (college/university), if any
4. 4 photographs, 4×6 cm (not older than six months)
5. Curriculum vitae in English
6. Confirmation that fee for an entrance examination has been paid (non-refundable 200€)
7. Original medical certificate of general health status (not older than 1 month) stating that applicant is in good mental and physical condition
8. Photocopy of relevant passport pages with the data and picture
9. Original or certified copy of their birth certificate
10. Certified financial statement that the applicant or his/her sponsor has adequate financial resources to finance his/her study (bank statement or statement of financial credibility)
11. English proficiency test – if applicant does not have it, he or she must take an test
All documents must be sent by mail (post) to School of medicine premises.

Documents needed for an enrollment:

Enrolment takes place in Zagreb in September before the winter semester begins and will not be postponed.

Transfers of students

Yes, transfers are possible, but only to second year. Evaluations are made after receiving all the required application documents along with detailed course descriptions and transcripts. Please check our curriculum.

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