School of Pharmacy, Medical University in Plovdiv (Pharmacy)


Medical university was founded in 1945. There are 4 schools at University: School of medicine, School of Dentistry, School of Pharmacy and School of Healthcare. In addition to it there are Department of Foreign languages, Medical College and St. George Academic Hospital. In total, there are around 3800 students both in Bulgarian and English language. The University employs more than 130 professors and around 600 deputy and assistant professors.


Program of Pharmacy is taught at School of Pharmacy and is completely in English. The Faculty of Pharmacy occupies three university buildings. The learning laboratories of the specialized disciplines are situated in one of them, and the training in Physics, Biophysics, Biology and Biochemistry is organized in the other. Some of the faculty departments are situated in the central campus of Medical University – Plovdiv, such as “Pharmacology and Drug Toxicology”, “Microbiology and Immunology” and “Clinical Laboratory”. The University Auditorium Complex in 15A Vasil Aprilov blvd is the place bringing together students not only for lectures, but also for exciting academic life – scientific forums, competitions, concerts and exhibitions.Over the years the Faculty of Pharmacy of Medical University – Plovdiv has established itself not only as an educational but also as a research centre in Bulgaria. Over 500 scientific articles have been published in national and international journals for the last 5 years, and the achievements of out lecturers become more visible to the international scientific community and their works were cited by nearly 700 foreign authors.

Recognition in EU and rest of countries :

Diploma from Medical University in Plovdiv is recognised in European union and most countries of the world. Medicine programme has GMC accreditation (there is no PLAB test needed), dentistry programme has GDC accreditation (there is no ORE test needed).


University is located in Plovdiv, second biggest city of Bulgaria, relatively close to Bulgarias capital – Sofia. It is an important economical, transport, cultural and educational center of Plovdiv county. City has really long history and many incredible cultural landmark survived until today – for example Roman amfiteatre, Cathedral of St. Ludovit, Sveta Marina Church, Sveti Konstantin and sveta Helena churh or Imaret dzjamija minaret. Plovdiv has international airport (code IATA: PDV, code ICAO: LBPD) which is situated 5 kilometers from city. There are direct connections to London and Frankfurt an Main.

Plovdiv succeeded in competion: it will become European Capital of Culture in 2019. In 2015, Lonely Planet awarded Plovdiv 6th place in compatition: Hottest travelling destination around the world.

Scholarships offered:

University in Plovdiv does not provide scholarships to students.
On the other hand, students are eligible to take loan from financial institution in the country. More information might be found on University´s pages.

Accomodation for students:

University is not providing accomodation for its students, so students must find private rent on their terms.

Study programmes
Study programmes:

Following study programs are offered at Medical University in Plovdiv: General medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Midwifery, Healthcare management. In case student does not speak English on satisfactory level, he can take an preparatory course in English, which runs simultaneosly with the first year of studies.


Students who complet program of Pharmacy are awarded degree Master in Pharmacy that ends after successful completion of 9 semesters, 6 months pre-diploma internship and taking of 4 state examinations. Currently there are 200 Foreign students at Faculty and they come from Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine, and other countries. Upon completion of their studies, they receive the European Diploma Supplement, allowing them to work as pharmacists in another EU country. Job placement rate among Faculty alumni is 100 percent according to the Bulgarian University Ranking System.Cost of Pharmacy programme is 8000€ per year.

Number of students accepted each year:

There are around 100 students accepted each year to Faculty of pharmacy for both Bulgarian and English program. For English program there are 30-40 students accepted.

Living costs:

Monthly costs for Medical university in Plovdiv are estimated around 550€ per month, which equals to 5500€ per academic year. In comparison with other universities, students do not need to buy medical books, because they have an access to University library with more than 175000 books.

Admission criterias
Admission criterias:

Students do not take entrance examination, but must submit documents from which their application will be considered.
Criterias and required documents are different for EU/EEA students or for students from other countries.

Entrance examination

There is no entrance examination at Medical University in Plovdiv. After every student submits documents, management of University choose the most perspective and motivated students whom place at University will be offered.