School of Pharmacy, Medical University in Sofia (Pharmacy)


Medical university in Sofia is the oldest medical institution in Bulgaria which was founded in 1917. There were many well-known professors and teachers from Medical University in Sofia: Methody Popov, Vladimir Markov, Vassil Mollov, Stoyan Kirkovich or Soyan Belinov.
Since establishment of University, there were more than 60 000 graduates from Bachelors, Masters and Postgraduate study programs (4800 foreign students included). Currently, you can meet more there than 6200 students (1600 international students included) from all over the world: Turkey, India, Macedonia, Greece, Cyprus and others.
Medical university is part of SOCRATES/ERASMUS programme from 1999 and is fully involved in international cooperation. University runs under ECTS credit system, which makes study achievements fully comparable with students from other countries. This fact also make transfers of students possible from another University.
There are 4 faculties: Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Publich Health and Faculty of Pharmacy. In addition to that, there is also Language training and student sport center and Medical college Sofia.
Medical University in Sofia has been voted as best university in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Health care and Public health in Bulgaria in 5 consecutive years.


The Faculty of Pharmacy has been part of the Medical University of Sofia since 1995 and is the only one in the country to offer higher education in pharmacy. The Faculty of Pharmacy in Sofia celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2001. It has six departments three of which teach pharmacy-oriented fundamental subjects (inorganic, analytical and organic chemistry, physical chemistry, botany and mathematics). Another five departments offer the specific pharmaceutical subjects: Pharmaceutical technology and Biopharmacy, Pharmacognosy (Phytochemistry), Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Social Pharmacy,The medical subjects are taught by the corresponding departments at the Faculty of Medicine, Medical University of Sofia

Recognition in EU and rest of countries :

Diploma from Medical University in Sofia is fully recognised in European union and in most coutries of the world.


Medical University is situated in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria, which is political, economical and cultural center of country. There are 9 universities in Sofia. Sofia has also signficant historical value – there are prescious historical monutments like Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevski, Church of Nikolai, Mosque of Banja Bashi, Archeological museum, National gallery or Ethnological museum. There is International airport in Sofia, which has direct connection with cities like Athens, Burgas, Moscow, Munich, Manchester, Prague, Zurich, London, Kiev and many more. Most popular type of transportation within city is public transportation and taxis, which are quite affordable in comparison with other capitals in Europe.

Accomodation for students:

University does not provide accomodation or dormitories for students. Students must find private rents on their terms or with rental company.

Study programmes

The pharmacy education is carried out according to the teaching programs, accepted by the Faculty Counsil and approved by the Academic Counsil and based on the Unified State Requirements to obtain the educational degree “Master of pharmacy”. The training of the students lasts five academic years, nine semesters and 6 months. During the education there are additional specializations in Industrial pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacy, which are freely chosen by the students after the VI semester. The academic program of the basic profile comprises 39 teaching subjects. For their graduation, the students in pharmacy are obligated to pass a State final certification examination on five profile-determining subjects (pharmacognosy, pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical technology and social pharmacy) or to prepare and defend a diploma thesis. The diploma-holders are granted the educational degree “Master of Pharmacy”.

Tuition fees:

Tuition fees for one year of studying Pharmacy in English is 6000€.

Entrance examination

The documents examined are sent to the Ministry of Education and Science that issues a
Certificate on the right to study and informs the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Having received the certificate the applicant pays the half of the preparatory academic year tuition fee into the account indicated. The foreign citizen applies for a visa submitting the Bank document about amount transferred and the Certificate at the Republic of Bulgaria Embassy.

Documents needed for an entrance examination:

Documents to be submitted:
• Application form, with a short CV pointing out the desired speciality to be pursued;
• A copy of the document for secondary education /diploma and official transcript of the
subjects studied /, legalized at the Republic of Bulgaria Consular Section in the respective
• A document issued by the authorities that the student has the right to continue his education at the universities in the country where he has completed the secondary education;
• A copy of the passport (identity card) with the photo and data;
• A declaration /bank certificate/ about the financial abilities of the parents to support the
student during his/her education in Bulgaria.
• A medical certificate issued within one month term before the date of application certified by the Bulgarian Embassy Consular Section in the applicant’s country;
• Two photos