Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Medical University of Lodz (Dental medicine)


The Medical University of Lodz is the largest public medical university in Poland. In the area of Science and Research, the Medical University of Lodz is known as one of the leading medical research centers in Poland. Every year over a hundred research grants are awarded for individual research projects.
MUL consists of 5 faculties and Division of studies in English.
Medical University of Lodz has 180 professors, 180 associate professors and 850 PhD academics. There are 8800 students in total (from which 600 students are foreigners). MUL cooperates with 3 teaching hospitals in Lodz.


Dental medicine program is taught at Faculty of medicine and dentistry, Institute of Dentistry to be more precise. There are plenty of international projects and cooperation, in which Institute of dentistry is actively involved: Dental School at the University of Maryland in Baltimore, USA, Faculty of Dentistry at the University in Ulm and Erlangen, Germany, Faculty of Dentistry at the University in Sheffield, Great Britain, Faculty of Dentistry at the British Columbia University in Vancouver, Canada – University of Rome “Le Sapienza”. In 2001, within the Division of Dentistry the new school – Vocational College of Dental Laboratory Technology was opened.

Recognition in EU and rest of countries :

Degree from Medical University of Lodz is internationally recognised in European union. Graduates wishing to work in USA should take USMLE.


Lodz is the third largest urban centre in Poland with a population of about 742,000. The city is thriving with industry and business rapidly developing, moving away from textiles, which has been in decline since 1991. It is located in the very centre of Poland, and still remains particularly favourable for the development of trade. Lodź is also sometimes known as the Polish Manchester due to its size and the fame of the textile industry that developed there in the 19th century.

Accomodation for students:

University provides hausing for its students in dormitories. In total there are 4 dormitories for foreigners offered.
Student dormitories
Hall of Residence no 2 Address: Łódź, 2 Rodzeństwa Fibaków
Hall of Residence no 3 Address: Łódź, 12/16 Mazowiecka
Hall of Residence no 4 Address: Łódź, 1 Hallera Sq.

Study programmes
Dental medicine:

Dentistry is 5-years program taught in English which is designed for high school leavers. Preclinical courses, such as anatomy, medical chemistry, biology, biophysics, physiology, histology and cell biology, and others, are realized mostly during the two first years of studies. Paraclinical courses, such as pathomorphology, pharmacology, pathophysiology, microbiology, medical psychology, are realized starting from the second year of studies. Clinical courses (conservative dentistry, pediatric dentistry, endodontics, orthodontics, prosthetics, periodontology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, implantology) are realized during the senior four years of dental program. In the curriculum there are also social and humanistic classes (Medical Ethics, History of Philosophy, Sociology, History of Dentistry and others) and other subjects such as Physical Training, Latin Language and Foreign Languages.
After passing all requirements students are awarded degree Lekarz Dentysta (DMD). Dental medicine (5-years program) has tuition fees of 13000€ per study year.

Study programmes:

Student may apply for following study programs in English:
• 4 year MD program
• 6 year MD program
• 5year DMD program
• 3-year BSC Nursing program

Tuition fees:

Dental medicine (5-years program) has tuition fees of 13000€ per study year.

Total costs of stay for one studying year:

Application fee is non-refundable and is 120€. After Letter of Acceptance is issued, student wishing to study at MUL must pay 200€ admission fee. Price of dormitories is around 500 PLN per month.
The good news is, that students do not need to buy costly books, since they get access to University library. In addition, they obtain Student ID card, which save them plenty of money .

Admission criterias
Admission criterias:

Admission is conducted online – students must submit all required documents online to their personal account. If they comply with criterias and all required documents were submitted, they are invited to online Skype session for an entrance examination. Those, who pass an entrance examination are issued admission letter.

Entrance examination

Applicants wishing to study Dental medicine and obtain DMD degree must pass online Skype interview. Interview takes around 30 minutes.
There are following areas, from which questions for dental medicine are selected:
General questions (motivation, potential for professional behavior, socio-medical subjects)
Questions verifying knowledge of 2 out of 4 subjects listed below:
Biology – 4 questions
Chemistry – 4 questions
Physics – 4 questions
Mathematics – 4 questions
Complete list of areas may be found here: http://studymed.umed.pl/media/Range-of-knowledge-required-for-the-entrance-exam.pdf

Transfers of students

Transfers to MUL are possible, but only to preclinical study years. That means to 2nd and 3rd study year for General medicine and 2nd year of Dental medicine. Students must still be enrolled at university and complete all subjects that are due for given academic year. Every applicant that would like to transfer to University must pay application fee in height of 300€, which is used for consideration of application.
Decision if there are free places for transfers are issued at the beginning of academic year.

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