Trakia University in Stara Zagora (Veterinary medicne)


Trakia University (TrU) is an autonomous state scientific and educational institution with domicile in Stara Zagora. Trakia University covers six of all areas of higher education- / pedagogical, social, economic, nature and environmental, technical, Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, health and sports / as well as 16 professional fields of Classification of Higher Education areas and professional fields.


Program of Veterinary medicine is taught at Faculty of Veterinary medicine. Studies are completey in English and lasts for 5 and half year. There are around 1000 students enrolled at the Faculty. Teaching staff consists of 100 professors, associates and assistant professors. This Faculty is only one in Bulgaria, which teaches Veterinary medicine.
Students have training in following clinics: Pet Clinics, Horse Clinics and Clinics for productive animals.
The Faculty cooperates with universities from France, USA, Slovenia, Hungary, Greece, Czech republic, Netherland, Serbia or Russia.

Recognition in EU and rest of countries :

Degree from Trakia University is internationally recognised in European Union. Students from UK are safe as well: University from Stara Zagora is GMC Accredited, which means there is no PLAB test required

University has full Bulgarian accreditation.

Veterinary medicine:

Program of veterinary medicine is completely taught in English. Students practical training takes place in the form of exercises on terain, mobile clinics, modern private farms or in processing enterprices in Bulgaria or abroad.

Tuition fees:

Tuition fee for one academic year is 4000€ for program of veterinary medicine.

Living costs:

Living costs for month are around 700€, but are very dependent on living standard of student.

Total costs of stay for one studying year:

Total costs for one academic year are 11000€.

Entrance examination

As for any other university in Bulgatia, there is no entrance examination for applicants. There are selected according to their study results and CV proving their motivation.

Documents needed for an entrance examination:

Following documents are required for an application:
1. Application form with biographical data, educational history
2. Verified copy of Diploma of completed secondary education with an academic transcript
3. Document certifying the right to continue education in higher schools and universities in the country of origin of the secondary school attended by the applicant
4. Health certificate stating good health and mental status of applicant
5. Two 4/5 cm photographs