Veterinary medicine

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Trakia University in Stara Zagora (Veterinary medicne)

Veterinary medicine:

Program of veterinary medicine is completely taught in English. Students practical training takes place in the form of exercises on terain, mobile clinics, modern private farms or in processing enterprices in Bulgaria or abroad.

UVM Kosice (Veterinary medicine 6 years)

Czech Republic
Study programmes:

6-years of Veterinary medicine: The study programme General Veterinary Medicine was accredited within the study branch 6.3.1 General veterinary medicine and education of this programme is provided only in full-time form, the study lasting 6 years (12 semesters). Program is intented for high-school leavers. The graduates of this study programme are awarded the academic title “doctor of veterinary medicine” (DVM, MVDr. in Slovak).Program is in English language. There is 15 years of tradition of this study program.
Graduates have following career perspectives at following study places: Small animals clinics, large animals clinics, exotic animals clinics and ZOOs, game reserves, food safety and quality, pharmaceutical industry, research and development, teaching and consultancy and ecology, postgraduate study